When we first started interviewing property management companies we wondered, too, “what do they do for their commission?”

We put this together to answer as many of those questions as we could think of, so you have a better idea of what we do to help you succeed.

Property Experts

We know the Smoky Mountain vacation rental market, and we know what works and what doesn’t. Property experts are critical to you, as the homeowner, to help you get the most from your vacation rental. We are a partner with you and we are available to help you make your property a success! We’re backed with years of experience and an eagerness to see you have great success with your vacation rental.

If you own a vacation property or multiple properties in the Gatlinburg area, you can know that we are serious about what we do. We take our contract with property owners very seriously and we view that relationship as a partnership. We are selective regarding the properties we choose for our program, and we realize in order for us to succeed, you have to succeed. We are determined to facilitate that mutual success.

Marketing & Distribution

We have partnered with an industry-leading marketing team that manages our marketing services, including Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Online Reputation, Online Distribution and more.

Reservation Team

Our friendly, professional reservation team assists guests in finding the best vacation rental to ensure repeat guests. They also help screen guests to help ensure your home is rented to reputable people.

Cleaning Team

Our professional cleaning team will make sure your properties are cleaned after each stay. They also keep an eye on your property after guests check out, so your property is in great shape for the next guests.

Maintenance Team

Maintenance is a very critical part of optimizing the return on investment for your vacation rental. Our professional maintenance team is on call (to you and the guests who stay in your cabin) to be sure everything is in tip-top shape and in great working order.

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Local Service Partners

When bigger maintenance issues occur, we have partnered with the best local companies to make sure your property is taken care of promptly, so guests are happy and come back without asking for compensation for their issue. We also make sure you are not overcharged for services, and the work is performed correctly at the best price.

We live here and work here – we think that is an important distinction in this day of online vacation rental companies. If our guests have an issue of any kind, they know where to find us. While we do maintain a world-class web presence, we are much more than a website or an emergency phone number – we are a physical presence.

Guest Communications

We manage all of the communication with guests before and after their stay to give them the best experience possible. This way, we guarantee each guest has a smooth stay in your vacation rental, so we know guests will come back to stay time and time again.

Revenue Optimization

We review rates and adjust them according to the market for the highest occupancy rates, while still keeping the highest rates for revenue possible. We make sure you are always getting the most revenue possible from your vacation rental.

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