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4 Ways Positive Customer Service Affects Your Cabin’s Return on Investment

[upme_private]Over 80% of travelers read reviews before choosing a place to stay. Great reviews come from great customer service.  Both  guests and  property owners should be able to expect  a very  positive customer service experience with the rental company.  

As you may know, this isn’t always the case but you would like it to be wouldn’t you?  Most  guests have  worked very hard all year to afford a vacation. They have likely spent many hours planning and preparing for their trip and have certain expectations upon arrival.  The rental company will have several opportunities to interact with the guests and each interaction will make a positive or a negative impression.  At Stony Brook Cabins, it’s a priority to show our guests superior  customer service from the moment they start the booking process  until they are safely checked  out of their rental unit.  We continue to follow up with them by asking for their feedback and with quarterly emails throughout the year.

Creates Trust with the Company

two businessmen shaking handsGreat customer service is the first step in building a lasting relationship with a guest. When customer service is positive, the memory will be a reminder of the great vacation experience so your rental is more likely to earn a positive review and a repeat guest.  This creates additional revenue.

A lack of positive customer service can be very difficult to overcome and will usually mean poor reviews and fewer repeat guests.  It costs you money.

Builds Relationships for Return Guests

Statistics show that the average family who vacations in the Smoky Mountains will visit the area two to three times per year. These families tend to book with the same property management company for each stay. In addition, they have a tendency to choose the same vacation rental for each trip.

A property management company who maintains a warm and welcoming environment for guests is guaranteed more repeat visitors. For property owners, this means more rentals throughout the year.  Maximize the return on your rental investment, demand great customer service.

Inspires Positive Reviews

It’s a simple formula–when guests have a positive experience, they are inspired to leave a positive review. Likewise, negative experiences inspire negative reviews. One of the most popular ways guests share these reviews is through online review sites. Vacationers search through reviews before choosing which rental company to use. So the more positive reviews, the better.

Expands Business

Believe it or not, excellent customer service can expand your business! When your rental is well-taken care of by a successful property management company, and the company is providing great customer service to guests, you are more likely to have new guests choose your rental. Positive word-of-mouth will generate leads for both the property management company and your cabin rental.

On the other hand, potential growth can be stunted by a few negative comments and complaints. This is why you should always choose a property management company who works quickly and efficiently to manage any guest issues or complaints.

At Stony Brook Cabins, our goal is to exceed expectations by providing each guest and property owner with the highest quality customer service to guarantee property owners the highest return on their investment.

To learn more about our property management company, you can call us anytime and speak with our friendly vacation rental specialists who will be happy to connect you with an owner.  Yes,  an owner!  We look forward to hearing from you and helping you answer any questions you may have.[/upme_private]