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Is Your Property Management Company Feeing You to Death?

[upme_private] There are many benefits that come with working with a property management company, especially when you get to work directly with the company’s owner. However, not all of these companies were created equally.

We understand that you spend a lot of time searching to find the best property management company for your cabin. We also know it can be difficult to figure out exactly which companies fee you to death and which companies have your best interest at heart.

If everywhere you turn there is a new fee you have to pay, you should question whether or not the company has your best interest in mind. Don’t let this short term frustration turn into a long-term financial burden. To help property owners decipher whether or not the fees they are being charged by their property management company are fair, we decided to compare a few of the typical fees companies may charge with the ones that we charge our owners. The findings may surprise you!

Maintenance Fees

Many of the property owners in the Smoky Mountains live out of town. So, in the unlikely event that something breaks or there is any issue inside the cabin, it can be a major inconvenience to hire someone to visit your cabin and fix any issues. Because of this, many property management companies have their own maintenance staff that they use to help fix minor problems inside the rentals. This can include if a tv breaks, the plumbing gets stopped up or any other of life’s little accidents occur.

Now, the perk of having the team of maintenance staff on hand to help is extremely valuable. At the end of the day, when a maintenance issue does occur, we believe it should be the property management company’s first priority to fix the issue as quickly as possible. We do not see this as an opportunity to charge extra fees to our property owners. As with any property management company, there will be maintenance costs, but every time something small is reported, we do not believe that is the time for our owners to be charged large fees.

Recurring Maintenance Fees

In case you are not familiar, recurring maintenance is the routine work that every cabin in the Smoky Mountains requires. This includes trash collection, pest control, replacing light bulbs and other regular cabin maintenance. It is a shame to see that many companies not only charge a premium for these services, but they also include a large markup on the maintenance cost that translates to an even higher fee for their property owner.

Although it is impossible to completely avoid having a small fee for recurring maintenance on properties, it should not be an excuse to over-charge property owners.

Hot Tub Fees

Believe it or not, some companies charge a completely separate fee to maintain a cabin’s outdoor hot tub. Though this cost varies by company, it is still interesting to note how they choose to not include this with their regular maintenance or recurring maintenance fees.

Besides, the hot tub does not come and go from your property, so shouldn’t it be considered the same type of cleaning and maintenance that the rest of the standard cabin requires?

For us, we do not see the hot tub as a separate entity that requires an additional fee.

Set Up/Linen Fee

Before each new guest arrives, each cabin needs to be cleaned and the sheets and towels need to be replaced. Although this is standard practice for getting a rental ready for a new family to come and stay, some property management companies find this as an excuse to add on an extra fee or tax to the unit’s owner, even in instances where it is simply washing the existing sheets and putting them back on the beds.

At Stony Brook, we do not charge our property owners any additional charges outside of our regular cleaning fee. We understand that a clean set of sheets is all part of the cabin cleaning process.

Advertising/Marketing Fee

One of the biggest reasons you chose to work with a property management company was the fact that they were supposed to be experts in finding ways to rent your cabin or property out. Furthermore, you also picked this company because you had faith that they knew how to properly market and maintain their own business to generate as many potential renters as possible.

The success of their efforts will be seen in the fact of whether or not they charge their property owners an additional fee for their own advertising and marketing. This should already be built into the cost of the amount they collect from each time your cabin is rented, and should not be an additional charge.

In addition to what a property management company may charge you in fees every time your unit is rented, it is also important to know what fees they might charge you when you want to stay in your own cabin.

If you would like to learn more about the fees and costs associated with listing your property with Stony Brook Cabins, or you have more questions about how our property management program is different from others in the area, please feel free to give us a call and ask to speak with Pam! [/upme_private]